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I could easily see it going that way for one size. Take front page ads for example. The US is 10 times the size of Canada. The herp industry there is way more mature than it is here, so let's just estimate that there are 20 times more breeders and vendors in the US than in Canada. If the site gave every business equal access to front page advertising, then only 5% of the ads will be for Canadian businesses unless American businesses for some reason voluntarily refrained from buying advertising space. If I cant tell which ads are for Canadian businesses, I probably wont bother clicking any of them becasue 19/20 are no good to me. It's not that I have anything against buying American...I dont. It's buying across the border I cant deal with. Currency exchange, brokerage fees, shipping charges etc.

If Canadians stop clicking, Canadian businesses will stop advertising. Why pay money to advertise to a market that isn't bothering with your ads?

The discussions benefit greatly from an international perspective, but even there, if the PCPC show discussions were burried in a sea of American show discussions, I think it would lessen the appeal of the site for me. I like the fact that I could possibly meet a significant percentage of the posters in Mississauga in November.
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