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Vengeance - you make some good points... but I honestly don't think this site is going to become so over-run with americans and american vendors that canadian breeders and suppliers will stop advertising here. The only reason to stop would be if canadians left the site, as others mentioned before. It's a Cause and Effect situation...

If there are 'too many' americans here the canadians will leave because it will somehow become more of a hassle for them to get to canadian vendors... and canadian vendors will no longer advertise here because the canadian consumers have left because there were too many americans advertising to other americans here.

I really don't see how this senario could evolve to the point that canadians fear (loss of ability to buy from canadian businesses). I think this site will stay canadian-prodominant.

If the owner of this site decides to lease a space for an american vendor, so be it; it's 1.) his desicion, and 2.) generates clientele for american businesses, which will keep paying to advertise, which will support this great canadian herp site which means you all will still have a place to come and gripe about all the americans here. LOL Only kidding! =)

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