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It really depends, now were talking about Buisness. Canadian vendors I assume advertise here because of the large Canadian base. They get the best value because the site has the target audiance they are looking for, that audiance being Canadians because just as it is difficult for the Canadian to order from the US, so is true for the Americian ordering from Canada. Now if the demographic of the site changed from a prodomitly Canadian site to a higer mix of Americians, the assumption would be these vendors would then go looking for another site that better met their Demographic. Americian vendors trying to sell to Canadians, and Canadians trying to sell to Americians isn't going to work out well in the long run because of all the hassle involved. So as more and more the site became Amirican, one can only assmue that the vendor base on the site would change as well. A larger base of Americians means great exposure for the Americian community which in turn means more Amirician vendors advertising and in turn less Canadian vendors because of the demographic change.

Now this is all based on allot of assumptions. But if you look at the Americian herp buisness community and the Americian Herp Community base population, you can see that it would greatly out weigh that of the Canadian community. So as the site gained more popularity as an Americian site, so too would the Americian base grow, and as such the vendor growth would follow eventually crushing the Canadian presence on the site.

Again this is all based on allot of assumptions, I'm assuming that as the Americian user base follows over here and the site gains popularity in the US then so too will the Vendors follow because the site would then meet their Demographic. As it stands right now an Americian vendor Advertising on this site will not get as great a value as advertising on an Americian herp site.

But again all of this is speculation based on buisness trends.
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