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Who's bitc#ing!? Are you not reading what I'm saying? I've said more then once now, actually I think this is the third time, it doesn't matter where the information is coming from our who is contributing to discussion, that is not the point I'm trying to get across here. The Vendors and the Advertisers are prodomitly Canadian. I know that if I'm looking for a Gecko in Canada, where can I come If I'm looking for a Arachnid is Canada, where can I go If I need some feeder supplies for my herps in Canada, can you take a guess what I'm going to say? I can find it here! If ever got to a point where when I was looking for a new snake it wasn't the first site that poped in my head for Canadian vendors. I would go somewhere else, Why? Because I don't feel like having to go through a bunch of diffrent web sites that I'm not sure if they are Canadian or US to find out that they are indeed Americian so I can't order from them. Now why can't I order from them, problems with getting live animals across the border, time it takes to make it through customs, brokrage fee's, taxes, etc, etc, etc! Not because your Americian, because it's a pain in the a$$.

Not once did I ever say I would leave because of the Americians, or Americians shouldn't post here, or Americinas shouldn't advertise here. I never once said that, what I've said and man do I hate repeating myself, if it got to a point where I was unable to find a majority of Canadian vendors, I would find a site that has a majority of Canadian vendors. Why? Because I'm Canadian, and I can't deal with the US because of the reasons listed above. So please get off this whole I'm bashing Americia because you'd leave the site if it was prodomitly Americian because that isn't what I've said at all.
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