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Instead of bitc#ing then about Americans joining the site so that it grows and expands (allowing more valuable resources and information as well) why not push for National forums? Have the list separated by county. Perhaps even an European grouping as more and more Europeans are joining this site! What I am saying is that most businesses (yes this site is a business) would WANT to grow in order to stay afloat.

With all that is said, I don't know that I would like the idea of the site being sold and having someone else run it either though... ther reason that I go to this site is for the way that it is run!

Perhaps the fear is due to the slight changes that have been occurring on this site, such as the buttons on top and such. That I completely understand, as I am NOT a fan of most, if not all, of the sites that those links take me to.

Sorry, rambling again. My whole point is, let the site grow! It can only help it. Rather than stunting the growth of something great, let's see what we can do to allow it to evolve while still keeping the feel that it gives to ALL of its members. Are we *non-Canadian* members of less importance?

I stand my ground on this being a GLOBAL community.
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