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I'm not talking about just the Clasified section. If you go to the main page, there is a box half way down with "Site Supporters" If you go through that list 95% of them are Canadian. The banners that get Advertised all the time, again mostly Canadian. I have no problems what so ever when it comes to the sharing of information. Like I said information is information, and good information coming from anywhere is allways a welcome value to any site, be it an Americian site or a Canadian site. But if a time comes when the list of site supporters are mostly Americian sites, and the banners are of mostly americian sites, then it's time for me to find a Canadian alternative. Not because of the Americians, or not because most of the people on the site are Americian, but because those vendors and those advertisments are not related to me. I can't allways order from an Americian vendor because they can't ship across the border, the prices are in USD as opposed to CAD. This site really helps fuel the Canadian herp community, and if it came to a point were as an example the PCPC Reptile Expo had to try and compete with the 20 other Americian Reptile Expo's that happen around the same time frame, as a Canadian, it would becoming much harder for me to see that advertisment for PCPC as opposed to seeing all those other Advertisers.

Like I said, this isn't a knock against the Americian poster or the information the contribute. I can't speak for everyone but contributing the the information that flows through this site is allways appriciated and that goes for both sides of the border. But with this being the one refuge where the Canadian herp industry really has a chance to help the Canadian herp community grow, it would be much harder if they had to compete with the Americian industry on the same site.

Just as an example, www kingsnake .com has a www kingsnake .ca address as well that has nothing but Canadian vendors on it. Why? Because when a Canadian is looking for a vendor it is much harder to have to sift through all of the stuff avilable in the Americian Herp market because our Canadian one is so small in comparision.
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