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I think the reason people would move away from the site if it became mostly Americian is not because of the Americian people, but because it wouldn't have what they are looking for anymore. You have to stop thinking about it in Americian and Canadian posters. Information is Information, if it comes from Canada, US, Egypt or Iraq, if I'm looking for an answer to a question I don't care where the answer comes from and I'm sure most people feel that way. But when it comes to finding Canadian vendors, and Canadian Clasifieds, this is really the only place we have to turn. So if it got to a point where searching through the form and site sponsers turned up to be mostly Americian, I think Canadian readers would be more inclinded to search out a site with a Canadian feel, hence why there are allot of Canadians on this site.

But like I said, this isn't against the Americian posters or the information being offered, it is mainly about the Canadian vendors. If it became harder to find a Canadian vendor on this site then an Americian, I also would be inclined to find a diffrent site. Not because I didn't want to participate in an Americian site, but because they don't have relevent vendors and postings for me as a Canadian.
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