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I always thought that this was an internet site, where there really are no borders...

also, the majority of this sites purpose (IMHO) is to educate people on herps, so the content really shouldn't be classified by national borders, but by species.

Complaining about too many Americans joining a Canadian site is like complaining that too many fish, or spider lovers are joining a snake site (That's what the name says right? ssnakess? Must be a site for snakes only!)

I see what Samba is talking about, feeling unwelcome sometimes. It has never been directly though, as this site has the greatest members of any I've been to and TONS of invaluable resources too! What I find offensive are the blanket statements.

Anywho, this could go on forever I believe. I hope that it doesn't ever turn into an actual problem. So far I don't think that it has, but only time will tell...
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