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I agree with you, BW. Reptiles (Magazine) may be produced in America, but it is for herp lovers everywhere, and there are advertisers from all walks of life in that magazine. I, too, have been disappointed in finding the location of an advertiser a bit far from home after inquiring about animals they have for sale. It has never stood in the way of getting anything I wanted badly enough.

Vengeance, Daver676 and his quote from Marisa, I believe, (correct me if I'm wrong) answer your question. I try not to take this situation personally, but the more I am here, and the more other americans are here, the more canadians will be driven from this site, and I'm not supposed to feel a little ackward in reading that?

I do understand your point that sifting through a larger volume of ads to find canadian breeders and sellers may be 'troublesome' but that's life. I think the advertising forums here are very well segregated between americans and that shouldn't even be an issue at all.

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