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Cool pics Marisa!! Wish I'd taken some that I could post, but unfortunately I was a dumbass and forgot to charge my camera batteries before we left for the show

The show was great though -- I had an awesome time, and saw some amazing animals! Came home with a beautiful female tangerine honduran from Roy Stockwell (courtesy of Grant... thanks Grant!!). And if I'd had some more money with me, there's no way I would've been able to resist bringing home at least one of the beautiful Hog Island boas that I saw... I was drooling all over the ones at Stav & Simon Hamelin's tables... lol.

It was also great to get to chat in person with old friends, and get to meet a few new ones for the first time. Finally got to meet Heather, and Melly! And Roy, so I got to thank him in person for picking out such a beautiful girl for me! Got to see Matt, and Nick, and Linds again... And as for Marisa, she managed to elude me... again Next time I swear I'm getting there as soon as the show opens, so there'll be no chance of her coming and leaving already before I even get there. LOL.

This was the first show I'd been to since it moved to the new venue, and it was great to see all sorts of new vendors! Another great show Grant, keep up the good work! Can't wait until I can make it out again...

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