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ooh, thats looking good :thumbsup:. i agree about the fine details, but you can always bring it in to several reputable places and talk to the artists about how they might go about achieving a similar effect...then choose from there, or something....
as for pain...speaking from my experience, i cant even really remember the pain now. but immediately after, i remember describing it as 'weird tickling somewhat pinchy-hurty burningISH annoying "pain"' [in quotes because it wasnt like...PAIN pain...]. I know thats a horrible explanation but there is no way to describe it, haha.

as for other tattoos, im with you on wanting to get something along the lines of a snake er something sometime in the future....thatd be rad.

good luck, and cant wait to see pics once its done!

ps: tatts ARE addicting! watch out, haha. so are piercings. and upon joining this forum, i am beginning to realize reptiles seem to be too. dammit. oh the things i will do once i turn eighteen....hehe
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