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Hey there,

It was a great show ! Thanks to Grant once again for organizing it. It was also great to put some faces to some nicknames and get to chat with them in person. Thanks to all and i hope to see you all the next time i'm there. Thanks to Matt.K who reserved a b.c.i from me a cpl of months back and picked it up at the show, with out me asking for a deposit. He is a very trustable person not all people do that when they arent asked for a deposit before. Thanks Matt!

I would like to give some special thanks to Mark Mandik ( MarkusJane ) who helped me out by finding some plasitc cups to put some water to the baby ringed pythons. With all the heat from the lights in front of the display boxes the ringed started to dehydrate at one point in the second half of the show. I really appreciated it. You are a great man!

I also would like to specialy thank ..... The blonde girl that had a table near the entrance on the right who also helped me out by finding me a spray bottle to mist the baby ringed pythons 's substrate. It was very kind from you and i really appreciated it. I realized that i didint asked her name so please if you read this name yourself.

Also.... Thanks to all that were at the party saturday ( went to bed at 4:45 am and woke up at 5:15 am to get ready for the show ) I had a great time!

..... did someone took pics from the hall with all the vendors? there was alot of people there...

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