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Originally posted by damzookeeper
Now, what is this I hear about tri-color hognoses?!!!
I saw one adult breeder at the show when we were packing up. Unfortunately I dodn't get around to all the tables and I missed some of the great displays, but I'd really like to hear more about those guys! Anyone have pictures? Were there babies for sale at the show? Who had them, they must have been awesome! I only got a glimps of the adult but it was awesome!

Hope to see more people at the next show.
Deb! The tri-colored hog was right beside was on MarcB's a 5 gallon tank. And the funny thing is.....the tank was right on the right hand side of you when you're looking at the red candy cane on my table......LOL!!!!!!!

What did I bring home from the show?
Money......from the animals that I sold.....and that was it....LOL!!!!

It was great seeing all of you herpers again~!!
Awesome show and very good turn out~!
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