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I got an awesome amel corn from Simon, a sweet little hognose girl from Darren and a pair of gals from John, I think it was, sorry if I got the name wrong.
They are all great!! wish I had more money I would have came home with one more amel. lol. But I didn't come home broke this time and that is what counts. Also got some rats from mice 4 U and some pinkies from someone, not sure who that was since it was last minute when everyone was packing up. Much appriciated though as I only had large fuzzies at the moment and they are much too big for my little girl from Simon. Plus the guy through in a few extra, also appriciated. If you know who you are let me know. lol. Thanks again too!!

I also picked up a probe set, feeding tongues (EDIT: Tongs not tongues. lol) and hook from Grant's table!!

It was a great show, wish I could have sold a bit more but then I'm sure we all did. lol. I'm just about out of room now, only got one 10 gal. and a 120 gal that isn't occupied till we build the new cages... lol.

Now, what is this I hear about tri-color hognoses?!!!
I saw one adult breeder at the show when we were packing up. Unfortunately I dodn't get around to all the tables and I missed some of the great displays, but I'd really like to hear more about those guys! Anyone have pictures? Were there babies for sale at the show? Who had them, they must have been awesome! I only got a glimps of the adult but it was awesome!

Hope to see more people at the next show.
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