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Originally posted by Cruciform
A redtail boa from Justin's critters, and she's absolutely gorgeous.When I figure out where the heck the digital cam went I'll post some pics.

And my gf isn't afraid of her which is a bonus.
That was Jessy's critters :P

And at last check, you said she was evil..... the pretty boa I mean..... but your girlfriend is going to start frisking you for snakes when you come home!!!

I was at the show to get a bunch of stuff, but didn't find what I needed (supplies mostly)..... oh well, next show!

The friend I brought was THRILLED with her leo from Penny, it was nice to see the excitment from people at their first show......

Oh, and tonya, I really do exsist..... I swear I'm not just in Justin's head..... he he he


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