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I got 1.1 Macklots pythons (very snappy but I like them), a beautiful albino bullsnake and best of all a mud snake (eastern, I think).

Muds are very aquatic; in fact, in the housing duscusion of the Peterson's field guide a complety aquatic enclosure is suggested. Tennant (2003) claims that they are very aquatic but also spend a fair amount of time in burrows, and on land during rainy nights. I am going to try an aquatic setup with ample room and a hide out of the water. Ofcourse I'll have to watch for blisters and infections. I bought him from PCPC who say he has been eating mice, which is rare as most people can't get them to eat anything but their natural aquatic salamander prey. He is an adult now and if I can keep in him good shape I'll likely be looking for a girl next year. I'm very excited!

I'll have pics soon.
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