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Well from what i can tell his sister is gonna keep her i told her mom to check for lost birds, they were gonna put it in this tiny little cage i feel bad soo ill prolly be donated one of my cages. he/she seems very active drank water and when we gave it food seemed to be very hungery. thanks for all your info it helps alot untill i can do some real research. My only issue is the 3 cats that live here and i tryed to stress the importance of that bird being in a cat free room soo. Im acually gonna try to convince them to find it a better home or find original home, oh well ill know more in the morning bah wait show is in the morning ok ill know more tomorow nite. gravel is this a urgent thing should i be worried about providing this pronto? sorry lol im felling totally nubish lol. im gonna look this all up when i get the chance iv just been very busy and im moving this monday soo god i have no time lol.

thanks again


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