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WOW... People cease to amaze me?... I DID not once condone anything that these people did... In fact in two seperate posts I do believe I said it was sick and dicusting.. or somthing to that manner.... I have read the article once again... and read it several times earlier... And I do not believe the person who made the documentry condoned the actions of the three young men. I did state that they did not use any footage... so nobody who watches the film sees it. Not that that made the crime any less discusting. So for Herpslave your comment on someone skinning my family was more iggnorant then my comments... I am mearly just stating a fact, that the documentry could be 100% AGAINST the actions of the people who tortured and killed the cat.

I would never want to watch any animal get skinned alive, and hear the crying of mass pain and sadness.
And nor would I.... Never said I would....

[Originally posted by treegirl
.....and I know that slaughter houses are HORRIBLE for any animal.
Please amuse me?
And to those comments... They had nothing to do with the cat situation... I was just curious how she knew slaughter houses are HORRIBLE for animals.... I worked at one of the largest beef plants in the world... So I was just curious as to how she knew this?

But I'm sure there are alot of smaller places who get away with things..
Just so you don't think that I think everyone is doing things right..
just because mine was doesn't mean they all are...

Maybe you should read my posts CAREFULLY before you come down on me... Because it makes you look stupid with the things you say... Because NEVER once did I condone anything, or stick up for anyone... Just saying that people need to look at the whole picture sometimes....and know the whole story... and know why things are done for what reason.. ie. the documentry, maybe it opened alot of eyes, as to what kind of a society we live in...

But once again none of us have seen it so we don't know..

So what ya doing next weekend? Dinner and a movie?....... lol...

I'm joking really.... People just get too damn mad somtimes, and speak without thinking, or understanding somones point.
Forgiveness is between you and god... My jobs to arrange the meeting...

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