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Even reading about that I feel violently ill.
"When the video of the torture was shown in court, spectators were overcome and some plugged their ears to block the cat's moaning."
Some of the worst sounds I ever heard was when I found my beautiful grey tabby after she'd been mauled by some creature outside. Her flesh was ripped from her side and I could see some of her little ribs. Poor dear was curled up in the front steps in a pool of her blood. She whimpered, moaned and seemed to be crying in my arms when I rode to the vet.

How could someone with any feelings destroy and torture a cat like that and hear it moaning in pain as you skinned it? The thought of a person like that being on the streets makes my stomach churn. As someone else said, if they can do it to animals - would they do it to people?

[After much time at the vet and 8 weeks of healing she survived and is fine now. She's my lovie, and sitting in my lap purring as I write this!]
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