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Originally posted by crazy4reptiles
As far as weather Slaughter houses are cruel or not to the animals... Can't speak for them all but I work for probably the largest Beef slaughter house there is, and I can assure you the prceedures are very good... They have CFIA crawling around there 24 hrs a day. But I'm sure there are alot of smaller places who get away with things.. As for the whole cat thing, I totally do not like what those men did.. It is sick and dusgusting, but I don't think showing a film about it is that bad, they didn't use any original footage... It isn't really any different then the documentry Bio I watched on Ed Gein on A&E the other night?... Maybe we should all right them letters for showing that? It's a cold world, sad but true.... Now I'm waiting for it.. Come on give it to me!! lol
So if some one skinned your whole family but did not show full footage you would be fine with that? Wow, that is ignorant. They skinned the cat alive! They made is suffer to death in very painful and long situation! Showing a video of full, short, or even no footage they deserve to be locked up for years or skinned alive them selves and left to die in some corner!

I would never want to watch any animal get skinned alive, and hear the crying of mass pain and sadness.

And to your amuse me post, Go amuse you self by watching the movie when it comes out, considering you have not a problem with it.
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