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I dont think every place that slaughters animals is inhumane. However, like the videos samba put up illustrate, there are certainly animals who meet their demise in ways they shouldnt for our consumption, one way or the other. I did not mean any offence by my comment, and in fact, Cam, Im actually really glad to hear people work in the meat industry and find it to BE humane. At least some places have responsible practices.

Im not a vegetarian, or anything like that. I believe we have canine teeth for a reason. (not meaning like dog teeth, but meaning the name for the pointy teeth we have on either side of our front teeth meant for ripping up meats). I do find, as Samba illustrated, that many animals are killed in inhumane ways in the meat and animal goods industries, but I hope that you guys are right, and some places do make sure their slaughtering practices are as humane as possible.

And crazy- the serial killer analogy is cool, except we watch that, and it is presented, in such a manner where the actions of the serial killer are understood to be WRONG!

This docu film, while not the film about the most hardcore parts of this cats torture, is making a point about "why is it ok to kill animals for food, but not just randomly kill one on the streets for fun." It glorifies, and in a way justifies the actions of these boys, while downplaying their severity. That is why I feel the documentary also should not be shown.
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