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hey everyone thanks for the answers and advice. I know I need my first 4 yrs of school before applying to vet school but I'm still unaware of where I might be able to work to get my experience while waiting for my first 4 years to go buy. I've decided I'm going to take Liberal Arts & Science: Mathematics & Science in a community college near where I live so I can see how i like studying the basics. Then from there I'll choose a good college. Truthfully I slacked a bit in high school spent my first 2 years partying and didn't get serious until half way through 11th grade where i started making honors. I do feel this may hurt my chances getting int oa good univ. so I decided I'll show how good my grades will be in college now that I'm serious about school work before applying to a good college (preferably somewhere on the east coast)

TexasAggie funny you mentioned it because I've definatly thought alot about Texas A&M in the past when I was thinking of furthering my football career, but now that my knee doesn't seem to be letting me ever play again I must stick to my other love, reptiles and stay eastward for atleast my first four years of college to be closer to my grandma who I hope will atleast see me get through my first 4 years which is why i want to go to a florida or new york college because she lives both places at different times of the year so I'd get to see her often which is my main concern.
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