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I'm not too sure how much of a pet this is for younger people but I find it takes less care then my any of my other pets except for my Armadillo Lizard, and thats a Crested Gecko. If feeding is going to be a possible problem like its said in previous post they eat a very little amount of crickets, my male eats about 4-5 everyother day, and loves his baby food/crested gecko good mix which they need very little of. In my oppinion as far as maintenence goes Cresties are very easy to care for. All I do is change the substrate three times weekly since I use paper towels, and give him his new food and water. They dont like to be held a whole lot but if occasional handeling and fun to watch pet is what she wants this is a good idea, besides their adorable.

However Beardies are great pets for kids I'm teaching my 3 old sister to care for lizards when she comes over, and so far she's managed to hold my two beardies and my brothers beardie perfectly. She knows all the do's and dont's and follows them all the time when she has one of them but for some reason when she free roams she feels the need to bring a dog in the room and that bothers me a bit but she learned that lesson finally too.

Also Blue Tongues are great I know of a 10 yr old whos caring for a 2 yr old Skink and requires very little assistance other than reaching some of the foods that are out of distance. They are also pretty docile.

Leopard geckos again, good choice.

But if her dad is strict about all this stuff I guess like someone above said a Turtle or Tortoise would be a great pet, and although in my oppinion boring now, when i was her age I loved my Hermit Crabs especially the different shell possibilties so possibly throw that idea their way.

Glad to help if i did
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