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I've read some pretty interesting points here, and I think you've all made good arguements, but I think we ALL agree that displaying the murder of a cat and calling it art is sick.

I'm an artist, I draw, paint, photograph. I don't kill animals and say what I did is a performance piece. These men are just looking to be excused from something they know was wrong.

I know that we all love and respect animals here, particularly reptiles, which bonds us all... but every year (probably several times within different counties) rattlesnakes are harvested, abused, and tortured as well. Most people don't think much of this because snakes are 'evil' and 'gross.'

I'd like to see more action against the roundups that are portrayed as 'family events.' Rattlesnakes are skinned and disemboweled ALIVE, just like Kensington. They do feel pain just like any other animal, and it is JUST as inhumane. Their body parts are removed while they struggle to breath and survive; it's just sick and almost impossible to think of what they go through.

As for the farm animals; I have seen them in bad conditions, but I've also seen farms that take excellent care of their livestock before they are slaughtered. These animals are asked only to eat and reproduce basically, then (most) are given a quick and painless death; if you look at it in a different light, that would be the perfect life, right?

Just like not all pit bull owners fight their dogs, you can't say all farm animals suffer before and during slaughter...

My thoughts are really jumbled and emotional now, so please excuse my rant if it's not understandable. I'll post later when I'm calm enough. It's really nice to see that everyone is interested in protesting this, and trust me, if I lived in the city where the film is planning to be shown, I'd be there.
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