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Originally posted by CamHanna
Really? How are they killed?? It's a good idea to have some knowledge on the topic, or at least the benefit of a google search, before you post.
Here are some videos of animals being killed inhumanely. PeTA has a number of videos available to view; whether you agree with the organisation or not. Do they focus on the rare cases? Sure, but the cat killing was pretty rare, too.

I had some great undercover VHS videos from the ALF (nasty stuff) but I got rid of those years ago; some VERY upsetting images of farming but most were from medical labs.

I believe Artemis meant to say, "I agree that [some] animals are indeed killed in inhumane ways for fashion and food."


Infamous KFC:

Here is an investigation the PeTA did on hog farms:

I wanted to link the fox-fur farm video but I can't find it. Anyway, it's a little too disturbing, even for me. The electrocution really bothers me.
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