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my mother did a project when she was in college a few years ago about farm animal cruelty and it was definately despicable. i've had a couple friends who have worked at turkey farms also. what they do to those animals is just as cruel, though it is still a means to a useful end. i've seen videos of pigs getting beaten to death with crowbars. and my friends were the low paid people who bludgeoned turkeys to death and threw them in a pile in the corner of a room while they bled to death. most are kept in appauling conditions (veal anyone?). so yeah, it's just as cruel, but at least we can say there's a reason, and they're never raised to think they're loved or that they're anything other than food. at least they shouldn't have a sense of betrayal while this is happening.
and i mean lions don't worry that they hurt the antelope they hunt and eat. you'll never see a lion with a sign, protesting the other lions hunting and killing zebras. meat eaters eat meat, thats life. but to kill a cat that was born for no other reason than to be a companion and loved pet and to love people, thats horrible and downright evil.

on a side note: anyone ever watch "animal cops" on animal planet, it's all about things like this. it's an awesome show, but really unbearable to watch sometimes.
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.

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