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Originally posted by Artemis
I agree that animals are indeed killed in inhumane ways for fashion and food
Really? How are they killed?? It's a good idea to have some knowledge on the topic, or at least the benefit of a google search, before you post.

I believe that this kind of uneducated fanaticism is unacceptable in any arena. I'm certain that some people do have genuine arguments against food animal production but far too many choose to blindly call it 'inhumane' and wait for the naive masses to rally behind them.

I work in a 'hog factory' (I normally call it a barn) and buy my meat from butcher; I have yet to see or hear of anything in either place that I would consider inhumane.

Incidents such as the infamous KFC 'stampings' are no doubt incredibly rare (and performed by employees of a KFC supplier, independent of KFC). Dumb-asses akin to those guilty in this case exist in every forum of society; unfortunately in this case they were given some responsibility beyond wrapping 'burgers at McDonalds or mopping floors at Walmart. As a result the entire agricultural industry has suffered.

Of 2000 or so pigs at 3 barns in which I work none have been skinned, disemboweled, beaten, abandoned or dragged under a pick-up truck; yet somehow food producers seem to be labeled as the cruel and sadistic masterminds of animal cruelty while pet producers receive no ill effects. Really, neither industry should be impacted as a result of these dumb-asses; I feel the same way about the reptile industry and it's less responsible members.

This post is a response to a pervasive attitude I've noticed recently and is not directed solely at Artemis; certainly it is not meant as a personal assault.

Cam Hanna

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