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When I first read that, I thought it was a hoax... even though the website doesn't look like one to hold hoaxes. A couple google searches for hoax busting websites, and apparently this is a true story.

The people who did that, are putrid beyond words. I wish the "eye for an eye" punishment was legal. I can't believe that three people could do that as a school project- the fact that they carried out the torture shows that they are DEFINITELY sick. They aren't young enough to be excused as foolish young guys, they are adults. Now I'm so angry... I want to go open my window and swear really really loudly.

And as for the Toronto International Film Festival- they deserve to be tortured the same as the people who made the film. Heartless b*st*rds.

I hate people... people are so stupid, and cruel... they should all have their eyes impaled by pickle-forks.
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