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Reading that story actually made me cry... to think that an animal, minding his own business in the world, could have such a horrible death in the hands of humans, who think this is artistic expression??

Humanely putting an animal down, and torturing it, by forcing it to endure horrible pain by being skinned and disemboweled alive are too very different things... I can't even believe that Power's lawyer actually argued that this film was "made as an art project showing it was hypocritical for society to kill some animals for meat, but not others." Did they eat the cat after beheading it?? Even farm hogs and cows go quickly.

I think I'm going to be sick. I am really going have to work hard at composing myself here at work...

What a sad, sad story. This isn't however, the first time animals have been killed as "art". A few years back there was a man who killed rats and mice by placing them on a canvas (laid on a flat surface), and squashed them with a heavy object (the details are murky). He actually preserved and sold the dead rats on canvas as art. Even still, his rats wouldn't have suffered as much as this cat did...
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