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It is true that in terms of monies exchanging hands, proper husbandry and knowledge thereof is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, the seller isnt obligated to sell to anyone in particular either, and if you get the "don't know what they are doing" vibe from a customer, I say let em walk. Might reduce some of the worry about whether or not they will be bringing it back in a sandwich bag in a weeks time, with their receipt in hand. I thought perhaps one day id open a pet shop, so I could get to experience all the animals my husband would never let me actually bring home, but I realized id be kicking everyone out of my store and telling them to come back when they knew how to take care of the animal, which would probably mean id be filing chapter 11 in a month or 2.

But you said it had just gone off feed, not that it had passed on, so why on earth would they think they were entitled to a refund anyways?

GL, hope the tortise makes it!

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