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I don't think it's harsh to call them stupid, in my mind they are, especially after reading all the events leading up to this post. It's just my opinion and you are entitled to yours as well. Trust me, I held back a lot of things I wanted to say...

I have to be 'harsh,' as you put it, because I can't let an animal go without knowing it will be ok. I don't sell animals for profit and (even though I'm not condeming it) I don't think it's right to put a living being into the hands of an amature without providing the education.

Yes, the PURCHASER has the majority of the responsibility here, but I do think the SELLER has some obligation, to the animal, if anything, to at least educate and screen potential buyers.

It seems like the purchasers have been educated, and if they still can't provide BASIC care (we're talking heat, not a full spectrum UV light here) than maybe their motives for purchasing the animal should be looked at.

Karmeleon: Please continue to provide guidance to the purchasers; you may also want to offer them the number of a reptile vet in your area that you trust where they may be able direct questions regarding the animal's health and condition. Good Luck! =)

Tarzet - sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident... that is exactly the reason that I don't breed reptiles anymore... once you sell them, their fate rests in your trust in a purchaser, who may or may not be the wonderful owner all animals could hope for. In that situation I would not have replaced the animals... anyone with a brain would know not to leave them in the car... then again, so many human babies die because they are left in cars...

Anyhow... I'm glad to hear that you now have signs up protecting you, your business and your animals.

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