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I agree with you completly Roy and Corey!!!
How can you be responsable for an animal not in your care? Thanks for the memory Roy.... :P This story has come up a few times in other posts with this topic. Glad that my horrible experience can be an example! :P :P

About 4 years ago I sold a trio of Het Blizzards at the reptile show, only for her to come back with two of them dead in thier containers not an hour later. The containers were hot and so were the bodys. They had been cooked when left in the hot car. She was rude, accusing me it was my fault and was successful in getting me very upset. Which was imbarassing, seeing it was at a very crowded show. I did replace them...which I shouldnt have done, and later it made me madder about the whole thing wishing I had handled it differently. At the time Het Blizzards were selling for over $200. each. It was sad that my poor babys had to die that way. Boy did I learn from that one!
Unfortunatly there is people out there that will lie for there own bennifit even though they know they are the ones that are wrong. It's sad. I now always have a sign on my table that says All sales are final, AND one warns about placing containers in the heat or sun. Those contaners are like little green houses. It can get too hot in there VERY quickly. If we put them in those little containers, we have to protect them while they are in it.

Karmeleon, Since they understood you had just had it 2 days, and they had someone that was experienced with Torts say it looked good. How CAN they bame you?? Hmmm some people ned to put the shoe on the other foot!
Good luck with this situation.
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