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I would definatly say no to the hedgehog idea.

1) as said they can be termpermental and they bite hard
2) being poked by thier quills while not painful can cause irratation similar to the itchy ness after a cat scratch and its pretty much unavoidable when handling.
3) they are prone to tumors(cancer) and growths mines already had to have 1 removed to the sum of 160$
4)they benafit from a running wheel. which has to be a solid type due to thier long legs. promlem: they run all nigh and urinate and crap in the wheel which dries and has to be scrubbed daily.

check out and the yahoo hedgehog help group at (you have to become a member)

It's too bad she can't have a snake because my daughter has been looking after her own since she was 5, they are a no brainer.. But she will no longer handle the hedgehog.
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