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Originally posted by TexasAggie04
I hear female cockatiels don't talk, and that would be nice if noise is a bother. That might be bologna though, I have never had one.
Well, most females are much quiter than males, and they seldem to never actually talk. But they can make lots of wistles and noises. I wish someone would tell my females they weren't supposed to be loud. lol, but then we have 6 all together and having a flock is much different than having one. One alone is usually fairly quite. Flocks like to yell at each other to make sure they are still in hearing distance.

My 9 year old daughter also has her own snake. She has a milk snake. Not my first choice, I would have went with a corn. But she wanted the milk so she got it on condition she cleans and cares for it (exception of feeding, I do that) She is awesome with her snake and for a milk snake it is pretty calm with her. More with her than with me. lol.
I male sand boa would be great too, if it was well established, they only get about 15 inches long where a corn gets about 48. Just a thought.
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