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pet for a child

my grandmother watches this little girl (who turns 7 in october) and her dad wants to get her a pet for her birthday.

she loves coming over and holding my snakes and lizards, which her dad does NOT like, which is sad cause shes very mature and i think she could easily care for a corn snake with just a little bit of help. i suggested leopard geckos but my grandmother said she highly doubts her dad will buy that many crickets and mealworms.

he really wants her to get something like a hampster or gerbil but she doesn't like them, though she does like rats which i hear make great pets but guess what, he hates them.

sooo i thought about hedgehogs, very cool looking little creatures that i think all 3 of them will like and enjoy. i read about their basic care and it seems like they can care for it. but i have never had one myself and i dont like to go by just written words, i want to hear from some one with experience!

if any one here who has had or does have a hedgehog can you tell me if you think this is a good or bad idea?

if this is a bad idea, please suggest some more pets, thanks!
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