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<B>Planned List -</b>
0.1 Guyanese Redtail
0.1 Mexican Rosy Boa
1.0 Hog Isle

<B>Wish List -</B>
1 house so I can get:
1.1 Blackthroat Monitors
1.2 Isla Marajo rainbow boas
1.2 Argentine Rainbow boas
1.1 Sumatran Short-tailed pythons
1.2 Riverside Rosy Boas
1.1 Uromastyx
1.1 Roughscaled sand boas
1.2 B.C. Longicauda
1.2 Chuckwallas
0.0.1 GTP
0.1 Redfoot Tortoise
1.2 Ghost Colombian BCI
1.2 Argentine Boas
1.2 Dumerils Boas
1.1 Diamond Pythons
1.2 Brazilian BCA
1.2 Turk's Island Tree Boas (a real wish
and I would like to add at least one more female to the groups I already have
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