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Shipping to Canada from the US

Folks if you could answer some things for me and email it to me privately I'd appreciate it greatly.

First, how does a breeder in the US generally go about shipping to Canada and what permits are generally required?

Secondly, we had heard there is an option to ship to the northern most US states and have them held at pick up points in Michigan and Washington State but we know painfully little of what's required and what to expect. So what can you tell me?

Third, how many of you actually buy animals shipped in from the states and how much trouble is it?

I know I saw threads posted on this and I'll be happy to glean my information from those if someone will point me in their direction because I can't seem to locate the topic. But if you wouldn't mind emailing me, I know a major colubrid breeder with connections to a boid breeder, who are both interested in the particulars and have just never tried to do this. One is our friend Rick Sladick of who is just such an honest and reputable fellow that we'd recommend him to anyone immediately and he has helped us out so much and given so much of his time and energy to us, not to mention extras, that we are trying to help him sift through this whole thing because he can't find the time to research with 5 kids, and close to a thousand snakes, as well as a rodent business, and we promised the man we'd try to find out what was involved. So there ya go

Any information you can offer will be greatly appreciated and I thank any and all of you in advance.

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