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Ok thats understandable, but will there be a time when they are offered in reptile stores? Like heat cable can be bought at some and originally it was to de-ice gutters on roofs. Foggers and pumps are along the same lines, neither were packaged specifically for herps until exoterra put them in a box with a chameleon on the front.
And as we have established in this thread many people feel they are a herp related tool. They bring us (as herpers) closer, we can see what projects people are working on all over the world and for some seeing these new extraordinary animals helps keep and renew interest in this hobby. Granted they are not limited to this feild but then neither are flourescent light fixtures (i buy those at home depot) nor live plants (nursery) or spray bottles ( i use the ones for spraying your lawn from canadain tire) but all of those are associated with keeping reptiles.
So is it hard to belive that at some point say... exoterra will take the cheapest digital camera and slap it in a box with a chameleon on the front and call it something new, like a reptile recorder? i can see it now "take pictures of your animal to watch it grow"
(hey thats a good idea)

Just what i was thinking on this one
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