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Warranties on herps are generally very short, due to the reasons you mentioned.
In general face to face transactions that don't involve shipping, come with no warranty at all.
The buyer should inspect the animal carefully and buy it based on what they see.
Animals that are shipped generally have either a 24 or 48 hr guarantee, as live delivery must always be promised, and a couple days is enough to determine whether the airlines or the flight circumstances caused any severe health issues.

Anything up and above this is as specified by the seller,or agreed to between both seller and buyer as a condition of the sale.

You're right, reptiles can go off feed or even die from incorrect husbandry in a matter of hours, so having long warranties isn't fair to the seller when you're talking about perishable goods.
I know of one case where someone bought a gecko, baked it in the sun in their car, then tried to return it dead, less then one hour later.
Now why should that be warranty? Obviously it was the buyers error.
Once an animal is out of your hands, it's out of your control, therefore how can you guarantee it?

If you told them 7 days, that is longer than the norm. If they contacted you to report a problem 1.5 weeks after the sale, well it's simple....
It's now their animal, and their problem.
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