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Herps and Hurricanes (dial up warning)

Well, it took me a little while to get around to doing this, but here are some pics we took when we were in Daytona for the Breeders Expo a few weekends back.

It seemed that anytime I was driving, the weather was crappy, but anytime Jessy drove, it was nice. go figure.

anyways, without further waiting, here they are. The first few are of the drive there.

Jordan and myself... Jess is sleeping somewhere in the back seat..

and we couldn't have made the trip possible without these. A word of advice: don't take too many of these on an empty stomach or else you will spend more time on the side of the road throwing up then actually driving.

this one is self explanitory.

after listening to the radio, it sounded like the storm would completly by-pass daytona, so we made the decision to press on instead of staying in jacksonville. The rain started just as we left jacksonville. hurray for impending doom.

so, we get to daytona just before the storm starts. in this pic, the rain is just starting.

the lightning storm that followed was amazing. remember, it is dark outside.

we went inside for a bit once the storm started to watch the news and see what was going on. That got boring, so Jordan and I got the bright idea to go outside and see what it was like. Our adventure lasted just long enough to take these two pictures then we ran back inside with our tails between our legs. We got pelted with pebbles and the blowing sand was like getting sandblasted.

That was it for the night. went in, had a shower to clean the sand out of various places i didn't know i had, then tried to sleep in our leaky, roach ridden motel. our beach door flooded and we had to remove everything off the floor.. the roof leaked and jordan had to avoid dripping water all night. he just HAD to have the bed by the window.

the next morning, we went outside to survey the damage and phone our family to tell them we were still alive. If you look carefully, you can see some damage to the vehicles.

if you can't make out the damage, here is a close up.

my car.. thankfully, our insurance covered it. two blown out windows and the windshield had about 20 stone chips and 4-5 big cracks in it.

a random shop that had its windows taken out.

and now for the Expo pics.. I cannot remember who had what herp, so forgive me if i do not give credit to who owns what. Also, it was Jordan's camera, so i have no idea where he got most of the pictures.

This cage of womas was advertised as proven. If this isn't a selling point, then I don't know what is

Thats about all i feel like uploading.. hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as We enjoyed the trip.


Justin, Jessy and Jordan
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