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Originally posted by proud2bcanadian
I'm not experienced since I haven't had any, but I do know that they require a good amount of time!!
Snakes are very low maintenance and do not require very much attention at all. In fact, too much attention should be avoided. Most of my snakes get no more than a few minutes of my time every week.

I would recommend a Rosy Boa or Sandboa. They have similar care requirements, and can be housed in a ten gallon aquarium as adults. They need to be kept dry, only offer them water every couple weeks. They are usually quite docile, however som,etimes they can be tricky to start feeding, so make sure it is already feeding very well on frozen/thawed prey. Sandboas are range from 1.5'-3' and Rosy Boas range from 2'-3'.

2' female Mexican Rosy Boa
<img src="">

2.5' female Whitewater Canyon Rosy Boa
<img src="">

neonate axanthic Kenyan Sandboa
<img src="">
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