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Still, it was surreal, getting the call "Hi, This is Brian Nelson, Alice Cooper's road manager. We were told that you were the guy to call in Winnipeg to find us a snake for our show there.." First reaction.. "Yeah, right... who is this Really..." but after a few minutes discussion, I agreed to find them a snake, but not just for the Peg, but for thier 2 sold out show in Thunder Bay.

Thanks to Dave at Westman Reptile Gardens, he had a couple snakes that would work, but unfortunately the number 1 choice, an regular morph 8ft Boa was just starting to shed, so we settled on a tame 6.5 footer that he'd rescued. She was tame, but had a little damage on her from a live feeding incident from the previous owner. Still, she was albino burm, so she'd show up nice on stage, even if she was a little smaller than they'd like.

So I called my brother in Thunder Bay (a huge Cooper fan, who couldn't get tickets for the first two shows, had to settle for balconys in October..) and said "I need you to go to the airport and pick up a snake and take it to Alice Cooper's road manager..." His first reaction "Yeah, right, who is this Really...", but after assuring him it was true, and promising him the tickets and backstage passes, off he went... here's a pic of him, his daughter and Alice in Thunder Bay.
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