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Tony is indeed an amazing friend to have. He is very calm, and always has good advice to share.

I used to have a little tick problem that started with one of my boids that I recently received as a gift, but it quickly spread to my many other prized collections and soon almost all of my boids we're infected by this gift. I didn't know what to do exactly so I contacted the one person that knew exactly what to do; it was no other than Tony Pharosx. Tony led me through step-by step easy to follow procedures, which I have to say, sounded bizarre at first but nevertheless had astonishing results. Everyday that passed I'd noticed that there we're fewer ticks on my boids. They seemed to be getting an added bill of health, since I have been acting upon Tony's methods. Almost all the ticks are gone now and I just wanted to thank Tony for his advice, and all his help on getting rid of the ticks. Thanks to Tony my boids look better than ever.

Thanks a lot Tony you’re the greatest!!!
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