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Problems taken care of...

I myself am caring for "sick" leos myself (MY leos, my problem and no i would never give mine up), i don't want to bring more problems into my home. I don't have the time now or the money to deal with that. Plus i have already given my friend plenty of mealworms for his leos, offered them free cause i was breeding them, i gave him parazap and mice for his snakes, should i have to take care of my animals and his. I think to myself, no i shouldn't but i still do...

The whole point of me saying that was i've tried alot of things even helped out at my own expense when possible. So should i take food and supplies away from my collection to care for his, do i bring in more sick animals over expanding my own collection with healthy speices.

I can't do that anymore so the right measures were taken and everything is going to be alright i hope. I guess i'll find out more tomorrow...when i do i'll let you all know.
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