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Accidents happen... If you'd seen the case that they have for holding the snake on tour, and knew the care they take of them between shows and the concern they show for thier herp friends, you'd realize that these humble ssnakess are the rock and roll stars of the herp world.

I had the honour of wrangling a snake for thier Thunder Bay and Winnipeg dates recently. It was short notice, but I was able to arrange a 6'5 ft Albino Burm from Westman Reptile Gardens for the show. We shipped it by air to Thunder Bay, and they used it there for the two shows, and brought it home here to Winnipeg for thier last show on that part of the tour.

She was just finishing a shed, so Brian (the road manager) sat up with her after the first show and gave her a nice warm bath and rub to help her finish her shed. He knows quite a bit about the snakes (not as much as the experts on this website, but not too many people do). He is genuinely concerned for thier health and well being, and the snake ( a trademark of Mr. Cooper ) is only on stage a few minutes. Our little girl returned none the worse for wear, and in fact, I think she's gotten a little bit of the rock star attitude now, I hope were not going to have to take all the green M&M's out of the bowl in her dressing room...

All in all, our experience with the band was phenominal, they are true professionals, and treat thier animals far better than most of the "professional" herp handlers and shows that I've encountered.

PM if you'd like to see some shots of Alice and us and the snake...

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