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silke, spotted and childrens are not the same.
Although in many places they have either been crossed or one may be sold as another. True childrens pythons do not hold the patterns as well as spotted pythons into adulthood. There is also rumor and I dont know how much truth there is but spotted are supposedly less docile than childrens as adults.

As fas my planned and wish list.....
A second ball python (love the carmel clowns)
A second Hogg Island Boa (Hoggs are great!)

Wish list:
Emerald Tree Boa or Green Tree Python
(Dont know about them though, I am still at the stage where I like to be able to chill out and handle my reptiles.)
1.1 Columbian BCI, 1.2 Hog Island BCI, 1.0 Irian Jaya Carpet Python, 0.1 Ball Python, 0.1 Children's Python, 1.1 Amazon Tree Boa, 1.1 Dumerils Boa, 1.0 Horned Mntn Dragon, 1.0 Carolina Anole
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