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Very Upset!!!

I'm am so disturbed by what a friend of my boyfriends told me. It's so bad i actually yelled at him, I have never (in 5 years) yelled at one of my mans friends over anything.

Anyway.... He came over tonight and told me his snakes cage broke and he has his bci in with a leopard gecko. That's right his bci in the same exact cage (a 20 gallon non the less) with his leopard gecko. I freaking lost it, i don't know how many curse words you can say in one sentence but i know it was alot!!! His excuse was "well my leos sick and dying anyway, so i figured the snake would eat it, but they sleep together and they seem to get along" and "well thier not mine my ex bought them for me, so you should be happy i'm not taking care of them" (very long story but that is NO reason to treat an animal this way) . Which made me even more pissed off!!! Which i will agree his leo is sick, but if he got off his lazy *** he would take it to a vet and get it check out, I've even said that on SEVERAL occasions and gave him some parazap to at least attempt to help. Nothing works, NOTHING at all, it's worse than talking to a wall. I could keep going on about stuff like this with him, but i don't want you guys to read 20 pages on this.

So he ended up saying "well you can have them if you want them". Yes i would take them if they were healthy, but I know they are not, plus i don't have the space for another leo and a bci.

Here's where i need the help. Should just leave it alone and keep my mouth shut (which it's REALLY hard for me to do), or should i just say yes bring them over and as soon as he leaves call up the St. Louis Herp Society and see if they can rehab them and adopt them out.

If i do take them and call the herp society, i know he would be pissed, but all i keep thinking about is a freaking leo in with a bci this is so freaking WRONG....

Any advice???

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