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I had a mountain king(pyro) die after it tied itself in a tight knot while eating and presumably asphyxiated.
Snakes will do some suprisingly stupid things, like eating light bulbs, their own eggs and yes tails, cage mates and cage ornaments. But then "stupid" would imply they have brains capable of cognative thought, and I frankly think they are powered by 99% instinct. It generally serves them well, but there isn't much else upstairs that allows any reasoning.
If it smells like food, it is food, especially when moving..... a moving tail that has touched legitimate food on the cage floor meets that criteria quite nicely .
I once heard a story of a guy that had a cal king eat the branch the mouse had been layed against.
The branch was apparently almost as long as the snake.
It took over a week to pass it, inch by inch, but the snake reportedly was fine and went into opaque right after the huge meal..., which says alot about the importance of dietary fibre...LOL
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