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Exclamation My Snake Ate Her Own Tail!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!! I aquired a baby garter the other day. She is sooo cute and so small. I let her settle in for a few days and then last night i fed her her first meal. I cut the legs off of some pinkie mice to feed to her (the pinkies were WAY too big for him). I put her in a little plastic container and put her in the cupboard so she could eat in peace and quiet. I went to check on her about 10 minutes later and found that not only had she eaten the pinkie legs but she also had downed her own tail. I freaked and picked her up and tried gently pulling her tail out of her mouth and that didn't work so i put her back in the container (and remembering that baby snakes tend to spit their food back out if scared) I started tapping on the container and sliding her back and forth from one end to another. When I did that she quickly spit her tail out. THANK GOD! I was just wondering how frequently this happens? I saw a picture of a baby snake that had died as a result of eating his own tail but I thought it was really REALLY rare for them to do that?? I have never had a problem with this before. Anyways, she ate and she is doing just fine. I was so relieved when she spit it out. Oh well I might have to change her name from Constance to F**kin Stupid.
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