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Here's the story behind it. Personally, I'd think the guy could come up with a better hobby than that!

THE INDEPENDENT (Johannesburg, S Africa) 03 September 04 Snake man hopes to slither into record books

New Delhi (Sapa-dpa): An Indian man attempted to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by feeding a live grass snake into his right nostril and taking it out through his mouth, media reports said on Friday.

C. Manoharan, 25, of southern Tamil Nadu state, who is better known as "Snake Manu", made this latest attempt on Thursday in the Tamil Nadu capital Chennai, but said he was partial to baby cobras.

In November 2003 Manu entered Guinness in the "Most Worms Eaten in 30 seconds" category after he swallowed 200 earthworms, each measuring at least 10cm, in 30 seconds.

Manu claimed to have experimented with almost all varieties of snakes, including cobras, common kraits, sand boas and rat snakes. The longest snake he used was one metre and locally called "pacha pambu" or the green vine snake. He said his favourite was the cobra because of its "ferociousness and agility".

Manu, a high school dropout, said that as an eight-year-old he would amuse his class mates by inserting chalk and erasers into his nostril and pulling them out through his mouth.

He shifted to snakes at 18, and his first attempt was with a half dead water snake.
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